Results of Lunar Phase Algorithmic Case Movement 11.13.08

Results of Lunar Phase Algorithmic Case Movement 11.13.08
From the Officer of Algorithms, Szu-Han Ho: 12/10/08 dayoftheshow = 112 name = CHASE MARKOVICH = 9 28115 419264938 17 46 8 1 9 people count for 12/08= 95 hi/lo = 32/24 dayoftheweek = 4 dept store beginning = 1851 (Lazarus) M = 95 / (((32+24)/2-64.4)/9) = -23.75" D = (1854-1851) / 6 = 0.5 deg


Each case is assigned a numerical barcode [for example:001-6-014]:
-The first 3 numbers signify a case within the total group of 121 cases
-The 4th number represents the length (in feet) of the case
-The last 3 numbers signify its life span, that is, the number of days this particular case is played. Once it reaches this expiration date, the case is played by others. Hence, each player(s) in selecting a case, subscribes to play for a given time period. Note: the oldest cases have no expiration date (and no keys), but must be played throughout the entire semester.

The playing board is the architectural plan of the North Gallery.

Each case will travel across the playing board according to a set of algorithms* incorporating the following variables, or Terms of Entaglement:
-a timeline of historic department store beginnings (a date starting from 1826 through 2008), corresponding to the year of an important department store founding
-the design of Louis Sullivan's architectural ornament interpreted as "functional ornament;" an overlay of lines derived from the ornamentation determines the path of case movement
-local weather, in terms of average daily temperature is subtracted from the optimum department store temperature (determined by study to be 64.4 ° F) to obtain a heating/cooling differential
-a daily count of visitors to the Department (Store), as determined by the people-counter system
-names of participating players, reduced to their numerological figure
-phases of the moon determine dates of case movement. The cases will move on the following dates, which correspond to times when the moon enters each sign:

Taurus 7:57 pm cst wed 9/17/08
Gemini 10:17 pm cst fri 9/19/08
Leo 4:14 am cst wed 9/24/08
Virgo 8:53 am cst fri 9/26/08
Scorpio 11:27 pm cst tues 9/30/08
Sagittarius 10:15 am cst fri 10/3/08
Aquarius 11:03 am cst wed 10/8/08
Pisces 8:31 pm cst fri 10/10/08
Taurus 4:31 am cst wed 10/15/08
Gemini 5:26 am cst fri 10/17/08
Leo 9:36 am cst tues 10/21/08
Virgo 2:41 pm cst thur 10/23/08
Scorpio 6:48 am cst tues 10/28/08
Sagittarius 5:41 pm cst Thur 10/30/08
Aquarius 6:01 pm cst tues 11/4/08
Pisces 4:42 pm cst fri 11/7/08
Taurus 2:05 pm cst Tues 11/11/08
Gemini 2:11 pm cst Thur 11/13/08
Virgo 7:12 pm cst wed 11/19/06
Sagittarius 11:14 pm cst wed 11/26/08
Aquarius 12:46 am cst tues 12/2/08
Pisces 12:24 pm cst thur 12/4/08
Taurus 12:53 am cst tues 12/9/08
Gemini 1:34 am cst Thur 12/11/08

When cases meet...touch...collide, the players are called in to negotiate their collision and to affect the next play. Here, the players may also put into effect a new algorithm.
A map of all movement will be tracked on the southeast wall and by a webcam.

*algorithm : |ˈalgəˌriðəm|
a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations

Note: details for the exact algorithmic formulas are written on northeast wall of the gallery

Information for Players

Greetings from Department (Store)!
Welcome, Players!

We are preparing for our first movement of Department (Store) cases on September 6th in the Sullivan Galleries. We wanted to start to contact y’all with a few things to consider as the first iterations of this gaming are about to occur.

Listed below are some things to ponder:
What is important? What is the case you would make? And how would you display it?

• Cases are available for use on a first-come first-serve basis
• We encourage collaboration
• You are responsible for installation of your case and any care or maintenance it might require through its expiration date (cleaning, rearranging, etc.)
• Some cases will gently move every three days according to the project algorithm, so please secure your items and check them from time-to-time.
• No glass shelves can be used in the cases unless you come in every three days to dismantle the shelves and reinstall. You may use acrylic or wood if you’d like.
• Seven of the cases with a 112-day expiration don’t have locks or even doors, so make sure you check out your case after it’s assigned to you to see if it is one of these; if so, consider it to be a “generosity case,” but if you need a different case, just ask!
• Your start date for your case is the same as your installation date. You will need to make an appointment to check-in your work and can begin installation on that day. Please contact Store Manager, Rachel Moore, for this appointment to arrange to come in (
• The last day of your case is the end date for your installation; you will need to move your belongings on that day, so that the next player can begin.
• Cases are rented and cannot be damaged in any way, as they need to be returned.
• Nothing should be on the exterior of the cases, but you can affix to the inside of the glass with tape or other removable adhesive.
• Transparency is crucial - we want to be able to see the display.

In the Case(s) of Collision, please note:
The movement of cases will at times create a “collision” where cases meet. Then:
• We encourage you to have a dialogue with any case (players) that you may collide into.
• This could be in person, by phone, or via internet.
• At this time you are also encouraged to reassemble items and the terms of your respective cases with consideration to each other, through exchange or collaboration.

Let the Game begin!
Most friendly,

The management

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